Viva Las Vegas!!

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It’s not all time spent in the shop under an old car, nosiree. Last weekend, we went out to Las Vegas! Craig pulled some strings and got us a suite at the BEAUTIFUL new “Aria” hotel/casino in the City Center complex, which was pretty amazing for us country folks. We had strict instructions, if we valued our credit rating, NOT to use the in-room snacks and bar…

I managed to mangle my knuckles under Craigs Mustang (no trip is complete without a LITTLE car repair), but other than that, it was all relaxation and rest, ‘Vega style. Luckily, I was (just) over the horrible attack of some 24 hour “bug”, and had a couple of days respite before I contracted some awful sinus infection that I’m still battling. I think I”ll live tho…

In the meantime, absolutely nothing happened in the shop. I did score a couple of amazing buys, thanks to ebay for the Diamond T in the past couple weeks though. First, a pair of stainless steel garnish moldings for the interior. I found them listed, and hit the “buy it now” button before somebody else did. They were so beautiful when I got them, that I emailed the seller to ask if he had any other DT stuff. Lucky me, he had a pair of stainless windshield frames, and I was able to buy them as well. These were only offered in ’38 and ’39 on the Deluxe cab trucks, and are absolutely stunning. I’m anxious to get out in the garage and get busy now that I have these rare pieces for the project.

My friend Ron supplied me with a GM wiring schematic for the new engine/transmissin control system, so I hope to be able to get that all sorted out and the wiring started as well. It’ll be a first for me to wire one of these from scratch, so to speak, so I’m a little anxious about it, but I’m going to be patient and get it done.

That’s all for now, more news as it develops…

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