Car Shows Suck Part Duex

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Hot Rod

This was certainly not the way I’d planned the afternoon.  The parking lot shown, a block from the Lansing center, which I’d driven right by, missing the sign which read “Car Show Unloading”, is the lot for, guess what?  An environmental services company!  Guess who came out to inquire if I had something to soak up three gallons of antifreeze?  THE OWNER!  Great.

I’d hit a pot hole on Michigan ave.  about three blocks before that, which evidently sent some pointy part of the rear axle into the rear rear radiator. ( Note to self, radiators do not make good bump stops.)  I did manage to bypass the rear radiator, refill the front, and get to the Lansing Center, just as the last two guys there, Brian Rowlings and John Hall,were leaving, and we got the Fordillac inside. 

More later…

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