You mean the tires AREN’T supposed to rub the fenders?

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Hot Rod

I hooked the Spartan up the wagon yesterday to  move it for polishing, and with the weight of the trailer on the hitch, and the suspension squatted a little, the tires hit the inner fenders.  That’s not good.   So, now what?  We’re going to tow the trailer to Milford next weekend for the TCT meet, and I really want to use the wagon, as I went to all the work of swapping rear axles.

It occurred to me that I could “un-reverse” the rear wheels, meaning if took the rim off the center, I could move it back, thus moving the tire inboard and gain some clearance.  So, that’s exactly what I did.

Today I took the rear wheels off, drilled the rivets out which hold the rim to the center, and shoved the rim back almost 3/4 of an inch.  Using the rear hub as a lathe, with the tire off, I made sure the rim was centered and didn’t wobble, and then welded them up.  The tires were re-mounted and the result is great.  Plenty of room between the tire and wheel house,  so we’ll be OK to tow the trailer.  The fender skirts fit now too, but I cut my finger rather badly installing one, and decided I was done with that for today!

My project yesterday was hauling some scrap steel to the metal recycler, where I was very happy to find it’s $190 a ton!  I got enough for a nice dinner out and a bottle of wine, pretty good for a couple of junk hoods and the rear axle from the ’51.  Now, I have to figure out how to load the remains of a ’69 Catalina convertible up on my buddy’s car trailer, and haul that away!  That should be worth about 300-400 bucks, if I can get it up on the trailer.  As it’s broken in two, it’s sort of a problem.  Who do I know with a Bobcat or front end loader?

In other news, I got the  Spartan all polished, which Kim really wanted done.  I started about 11 am and was finished at 830 pm.  I must say, she was right, it does look better.  Now, all that remains to be done is load it up with booze and snacks, and get ready for next weekend!

More updates as they happen…

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