How much is a ’69 Catalina convert worth?

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Hot Rod, Scrap metal

The answer is, $312.68, if you  strip it, then push it into the woods and leave it for 20 years!  

On Wednesday I borrowed a neighbors skid steer and loaded the sad remains of this on my buddy’s car trailer (it’s good to have friends who have equipment!) and hauled it to the metal recycler.  It was so rusted it broke into three pieces, the front half, the rear half, and the driver’s side of the cowl and door.  That didn’t matter over the scales, as it and the rest of the scrap metal I could pile around it brought $312.68 at the going rate of $190/ton.   The increase in property value alone was worth the effort, let alone the extra money, which I’m going to spend on a new aluminum radiator for the ’36 Fordillac. 

I should’ve taken some photos, especially of the skid steer stuck in the field behind the garage. I’m lucky to have gotten out without borrowing a REALLY big tractor!

  1. Kim says:

    This makes our place sound awful! The remains of this was tucked way back on our property and grown over with nature. It is an improvement though!

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