Quick update on what’s happening…

Posted: May 20, 2010 in backyard builder, Hot Rod, Vintage trailers

Got the new front radiator yesterday for the ’36, less than 24 hours after the eBay purchase!  It looks like it’s good quality, much thicker core than the original style Mustang one I have in it now.  It’s two-row, 1 inch tubes, so it really does look like it has much more capacity than what I have.  I’m still going with the rear mounted Neon radiator as well, since all the plumbing is there for it, and I bought it and the new fans, which haven’t arrived yet.  I may put a couple of vents in the floor for a “heater”, since the car doesn’t have one.  Worlds biggest heater core…

The Spartan is all ready, I just got home from my ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) recert class, and am going to have the wagon all hitched up and ready to go when Kim gets home.  We’re looking forward to a fun weekend in Milford with our TCT friends.

In the back of the truck are two cabinets salvaged from an office remodeling project at work, which I’m going to put in the garage.  My goal is to get the place cleaned up, these are HUGE, and should swallow all my tools, nut and bolt bins, misc. crap and stuff now piled on the benches and in corners.  Most of it probably never to be seen again…

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