Tin Canned HAMB’s

Posted: May 27, 2010 in backyard builder, Hot Rod, RV Crazy, Vintage trailers

All the hard work, last-minute crisis’, and unprintable foul language spouted in the shop were all worth it, as the trip to Milford with the trailer behind the ’51 Woody was effortless!  The suspension work on the car totally changed its manners, it’s as stable and comfortable towing now as the pickup!   We rolled at 60-65, all the white knuckle moments felt before are now non-existant.  No sweat, no sway, no worries.

The weekend was fun despite the rain, which came down in buckets on Friday night, and continued thru Saturday morning.   By noon the rain stopped, and the sun came out for the open house.  We saw several little “canned ham” type trailers that had been built using nothing but the chassis of the donor trailer, and the builders imagination.  Very inspiring for our “Tini-Home” project!

The trailer above was perhaps the coolest, due in part to the builders liberal use of faux woodgraining for the interior trim and the accessories, like the little beer kegs shown above.  He even woodgrained the flat screen TV!  This trailer is ALL new, the only remaining bit is the door’s window frame, and it’s turned on it’s side.  Trailers are hip!  I’ve got some ideas for the Tini-Home…

The neatest tow vehicle had to be the stunning ’36 Packard 3 window coupe with a Paxton supercharged straight eight, complete with fuel injection, electronic ignition and disk brakes hidden behind the original backing plates.  Why didn’t I think of THAT?  Now, where’s the hitch, Diane?

On Saturday night I got to play and sing with Gary Grimm around a campfire.  The smoker you drink, the player you get!  I guess we sounded good, at least, nobody threw beer bottles at us…

I’m told Hardy and Terry have purchased a new 5th wheel trailer frame, and a new “Wayzalot” is forthcoming.   Rumor has it the new name will be “Wayzalot-less”.  Waiting for details…

Hoping to get the ’36’s new radiator(s) and cooling fans mounted by the weekend, so Craig and I can do a little cruis’n!

  1. Brian Rowley says:

    Good read, good times..Have fun. Keep us informed

  2. Tim Kearns says:

    What a great time & awesome rig! Thanks for sharing.

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