Vicksburg Old Car Festival

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Hot Rod, Vintage trailers

Well, we ended up NOT going to Indy to the Goodguys event, for reasons too long to go into, but went to the Vicksburg Old Car Festival instead.  Close to home, we were able to hang out with our TCT friends, AND I got to experience my first flat tire with the ’36. 

Evidently, I drove over something in the grass at the park where we stayed (lots of construction and excavation work lately),  and was treated to the sight of the big Coker going flat before my eyes.  Of course, no jack, no spare (like there’s room for one anywhere), no tools.  Our friends Ken and Lee, from Vicksburg, who’s motor home is seen in the background, do however come prepared, and Ken loaned me a little bottle jack, some tools, and drove me and the deflated tire to a little shop in town where it was fixed straight away.  All’s well that ends well, and I didn’t drive over the newly trenched area again!

The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  Kim hung out around the trailer and wagon on Saturday, and I sort of floated around between there and downtown where the ’36 was parked. She had fun showing off the trailer, and I got to hear some pretty funny comments about the car.  I did hang out around the car a little, plopped in a lawn chair behind the car like all the other overfed middle-aged car owners there.  Some guy with a Prowler parked right next to me, and I don’t think he thought my stating that his car look more like mine, than mine looked like his was very funny.  Oh well.

I discovered I’m not really into car shows enough now to bother to take very many photos, which I guess says something about my enthusiasm for the whole car show experience these days.  Mostly I just wandered around and visited with people, and the camera stayed in my pocket.    I did have fun riding the gold bike around, people made as many comments about that as the car. 

The Grimm brothers, Gary and Larry (or is it Larry and Gary?) were there, and they very graciously let me sit in with them Friday and Saturday night.  I need a harp in “C”, although they managed to play lots of songs in “G” to accommodate the only key I had with me.  That was perhaps the best part of the weekend for me.  Harmonicas are quite a bit less expensive than old cars, hmmm….

That’s all the news from Milo, at the edge of the cornfield.  We’re going to Gilmore’s cruise night tonight, I’ll try to take some photos!

  1. What a cool blog! That picture of the car, Spartan and a couple of bikes just makes my heart sing. SO AWESOME!

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