Chris Craft refinish and I get a new air compressor…

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Chris Craft boats, Hot Rod, RV Crazy, vintage wood boats

You how when you want something in the worst kind of  way, that’s how you usually get it?  Well, the other day, I was wishing I had a new air compressor to replace the little Craftsman 5 hp one I bought (used)  30 years ago.  Well, today, my wish came true.

I went out to the shop bright and early to finish DA’ing the Chris Craft to do a LONG overdue re-varnish job, turned on the compressor and was greeted with ” Whirrr…CLANK… CLANK…SCHREEECHHHHH…”.  I shut the breaker off, and sure enough, the pump had seized.  This is pump #2, motor #2, and I’ve brazed several rusty holes in the bottom of the 35 gal. tank full already.  Enough is enough. 

We’d gotten a 10% off any purchase at Tractor Supply yesterday, so I dug thru the garbage, brushed off the coffee grounds, called Kim to OK the purchase, and headed out with the wagon and trailer to pick up a new one.  Turns out, they were on sale, so I got a pretty nice one with a two stage pump and 80 gal. tank for under a thousand, half my estimate. 

Dad had to help me unload it and get the old compressor down, but I had it going buy 2 pm, finished sanding the boat and got a nice shiny new coat of varnish and bottom paint on.  The boat looks FANTASTIC, I should have done this several years ago.  I’d put the job off for so long I’d gotten used to it looking ratty.  It’s surprising the difference a coat of paint and varnish makes.  Now, I just have to put the trim back on and put the seat covers on the new bases I made yesterday.

The rush was that we’re going to Gun Lake for two weeks commencing on Saturday, and it’s gotta be done by the weekend.  As usual, it turned into a crunch, but it’s all (almost) done, AND I now have a big enough compressor to do all the things I need to do.  If this one lasts 30 years, like the little one it replaced, I’m all done buying compressors!

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