Car hauler, fixed.

Posted: July 13, 2010 in backyard builder, Hot Rod, Vintage trailers, Vintage trucks

Well, I’m pretty happy with this.  Since we didn’t spend three days dragging the “free” Peerless trailer out of it’s tomb, I got busy and worked on the Interstate car hauler. 

I took the inner plywood paneling out of the damaged front end, and was able to push the sprung steel “bows” that form the body structure back into place.  The wrinkled 2′ gravel shield came off, the new 4′ piece went on, covering all the wrinkled aluminum skin.

There’s a little “wow” in the gravel guard, but new ones we’ve seen are worse, so I’m not going to worry about it.  I also straightened up both aluminum fenders (they hung below the body and had caught on things) and trimmed them flush with the bottom of the body.   Some new vinyl center for edge trim, and it’ll be good as new.

I’d still like to add a small A/C, a bunk in front, and insulate and panel the ceiling so we can “camp” in it if we haul, or WHEN we haul a car somewhere, but for now, it’s useable and doesn’t hurt my eyes to look at it.

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