Finally, some paint on the Diamond T!

Posted: July 16, 2010 in backyard builder, Hot Rod, Vintage trucks

Wow!  It’s taken almost 3 months to do this, but I FINALLY got paint on the frame of the truck.  After I fixed the rusty cowl and door, I had all afternoon, so I cleaned up the shop (a little)  and mixed up some paint.

I used enamel primer, let it tack up for about 20 minutes, then shot the color “hot”.  It’s a frame, I don’t care if there are some flaws.  I also didn’t want to take the cab off, as the frame is accessable inside the cab.  The floorboards are removable, so the only thing that didn’t get paint is about 2″ of the top of the frame under the cab mounts, and what little “floor” of the cab is at those points.  No worries.

I also primed the cowl and firewall, so now we have to pick just the right shade of red to paint it before the engine can go in.  I’m leaning towards a 2010 Chev truck color, a bright red with no orange cast to it.  Should be perfect.  This is high build urethane primer, compatible with the BC/CC topcoat I plan to use.  NO tractor paint on the exterior of this, it ain’t no Rat Rod.

I’m excited to get this part finally done, it should go pretty fast from here on out.  Right…


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