Posted: August 10, 2010 in Chris Craft boats, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, RV Crazy, Vintage trailers, Vintage trucks, vintage wood boats

Really, that’s the name of the show, “Red Barns Spectacular”,  it’s not just me bragging.  I got everything that runs cleaned and shined, and hitched, driven, and hauled to the Gilmore Museum on Thursday for the Saturday show.  It’s the first time we’ve had the ’36, the ’48, and the ’51 out together, not to mention the Chris Craft (revarnished the day before!) and the Spartan all together.  So I guess it was pretty “Spectacular!”

The first thing we had to do was not very spectacular, which was dragging the two Port-O-Johns away from the electric pole.  The ’51 was pressed in to service for the ignoble task, and proved that a trailer doesn’t always have to have wheels to be towed.  It smelled much better around the trailers after the move!  Thanks to the museum for providing the “whizzies”, we appreciated them much better in their new location.   Although, the “Cars for Sale” area maybe not so much…

The second annual “TCT motorized bicycle and goofy old man” award was again won by yours truly, pictured here blistering the Gilmore paved quarter-mile on “The Howler”!  Notice the wind cheating riding position!  The peaked fender does limit the time spent seated like this, although it is stable in the turns.  Ken Evenson, the annual loser in this spectacle, has a winter of fine tuning to do.

Mark brought his Manor so there were three Spartans in the group with us and the Bergmans, so we represented Spartan Aircraft well!

I didn’t count precisely, but we must have ended up with about 25 rigs this year, many new folks, and the spectators and exhibitors alike really seem to like the trailer display.  We all enjoyed the open house, although the Evansons may tape their toilet lid down next time, and we will have to watch the small items, as a neat little rubber car was AWOL after the show.  (that’s the trouble with the general public, they let anyone in).

Several new folks this year, and several non TCT’rs showed too, so word is getting out!

Dan Piper brought one of his trailers up to showcase his restoration work,  shown here.  Nice job Dan, hope you had a good time!

I spent some time with the boats as we had the Chris Craft there, sporting it’s still fresh smelling varnish.  Kim encouraged me to apply another coat, and I have to admit it was worth the effort, as the boat looked really good behind the wagon.  Speaking of wagons, ours and an in progress ’48 Chev were the ONLY woodies there in the “featured car” section, which we’d hoped would be full, but I guess I’m one of the few out there who’ve got wood.

Sunday Kim and I toured the barns and had a leisurely afternoon.  We had a great weekend with our TCT friends, and our hot rod friends too, it really was a “Spectacular” weekend!DSC02094 (1024x768)

  1. Sally says:

    Wow, beautiful event! Too bad about the little car, the general public isn’t always good ‘off the leash’…lovely pix!

  2. Brian Rowley says:

    Sorry I missed this, again. Everything looks great in the pictures Brian..

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