Metal finishing on the Diamond T

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Antique trucks, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Vintage trucks

OK, for me, its metal finishing, for a real craftsman it’s probably a LONG way from being finished, but it’s getting close.  I decided I’d better hang the sheet metal and make sure everything fit properly.  Good thing, because a couple of glaring problems showed up.  It had been good enough to bolt together, but the fenders didn’t really “fit” the grill shell.

I ended up taking a wedge-shaped slice off the left fender,  where it mates to the lower part of the grill.  originally, the fenders and grill shell did not connect, the fenders “floated” on their mounts, separate from the cab and grill.  I didn’t like the big gaps, and made them (sort of) fit.  They didn’t really, so some fine tuning was in order.

It’s much better now, the lower part of the fender mates precisely with the grill shell.  On the right side, I had to shrink a couple of bulges where in the same area on the fender where it’d warped while welding the 3″ extension on.  It all looks much better.  A little short strand reinforced filler, then some light filler over that, and I’ll be ready to get some primer on it.   I couldn’t resist hanging the grill on it when I was done yesterday afternoon.   I’m debating whether to move the headlights in a couple of inches each side, as they got moved outboard with the widening of the fenders.

The running board didn’t look quite right either, there’s a little misalignment at the joint where the original, and the extension I made meet.  I think a relief cut at the seam, and letting the rear portion drop a little, will take care of that.  Easier to take metal away, than add it, right?

That’s it for my burst of creativity this week, I’m going to drive the ’36 up to Fife Lake for tonight’s “McCool Marguerita Party”.  I’m a little nervous about it, as I’ve never driven the car any distance, but it’s not a car unless I can drive it long distances, so off we go.  Maybe a stop at Crafty B’s or Ionia Rod Shop will break up the trip!

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