Posted: September 15, 2010 in Antique trucks, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Vintage trailers, Vintage trucks

Finally, a productive day!  Nobody got hit in the road, I didn’t hurt myself, drop the truck off the jackstands or ruin ANYTHING!  I feel good.

I got busy and finished up some stuff (there’s lots more!) of things that were only half done, or roughed in.  The big thing was making wheel houses for the inside of the box.  I’d bought an aluminum trailer fender, diamond plate, and cut it in half,  then rolled the inside edge of each half over to make a mounting lip, and got them mounted (temporarily) to the diamond plate inner box sides.  These, as it turned out, needed lots of work to fit properly, which I also did.  If I’d waited untill the box was painted, I’d  have surely scratched the paint up terribly fitting these things.  The half sheet of fir plywood on the floor is NOT what’s going to be there, but will be a sheet of Cepele ribbon grain marine plywood, now leaning up against the wall, with stainless rub strips.  Just so you know…

Yesterday I’d laid up another layer of mat, and two layers of cloth on the entire underside of each rear fender.  This more doubled the weight of the fenders, and made them REALLY solid feeling.  I can now pick them up without the bead breaking, which is exactly what happened when they arrived from “Studio City Cowboy”  the ebay entrepeneur from whom I’d bought them.  That’s a long story, but suffice it to say that I don’t know how anybody would be able to successfully build an Auburn Speedster replica if all the ‘glass is as poor quality as these things.  You could see through them, and they really did break just picking them up.  Not good, but all good now!

I’m VERY happy with how they fit and look on the box sides.  The lines are exactly what I’d envisioned when planning the truck, they are perfectly proportioned, and I think look fantastic.  It was a good idea, regardless of the amount of work I had to put into them, and look much better than Ford or Chev pickup fenders.  different, but “right”.   I have to get another pack of rivet nuts to set in the sheet metal box sides to mount them.  Thought I’d get to that today, but it took longer than I’d thought to make the fenderwells.  Which is how things usually go…

So, a good days work.  I felt relaxed and productive, could see what I’d accomplished at the end of the day.  I’m actually feeling good about where I am in the build, it’s a HUGE task to build a car (or truck in this instance) from the frame up.  When I think about it, I’ve fabricated 3/4 of the body, and heavily massaged every panel, aside from the passenger door and grill shell.  Not too shabby, and the end result will be something I can be proud of, and enjoy for a long, long time. 

That’s all for today, now off to the Gilmore Museums Cruise In!

  1. Kim says:

    I know I haven’t been out in the barn lately but now I feel I’m all caught up. The wheel covers look good. Now about that diamond plate tool box……..

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