Diamond T Jewelry!

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Antique trucks, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Vintage trucks

While at the Relix Riot last weekend, I picked up one of Crafty B’s (my friend Kirk Brown) beautiful stainless steel fuel fillers and a neat replica of an Auburn hood ornament.  I’d been up to his shop a couple of Fridays ago, and fell in love with the fuel doors.  He whipped up a “U-finish” version for me, so now I can polish it up and finish to my taste.  It (the fuel filler) will really nicely finish the exterior, and lend another “Auburn-ish” feel to the truck, which with the Auburn fenders and Auburn-like dash (stock) is pretty classy piece compared to its contemporaries.  No offense to Ford, Chevy or Dodge truck owners.

Now the question is, where to mount it?  My first thought was the left rear corner of the box, where it’ll just barely fit.  There is (just) room for the filler pipe below the inner box sides, without having the pipe (probably my favorite material, polished copper pipe with sweated fittings) to drop down to the tank without having it inside the box itself. 

What about upper corner of the rolled rear pan, below the tailgate, but above the bumper?  Maybe too much going on, with the chrome bumper, stainless tailgate trim, polished grab rails and tailight (38 Ford) rings.  Also, think “exploding Pinto”, and it’s probably not the right place for fuel if the truck should get slammed in the rear.

The left rear fender is a traditional spot for a fuel door, but I think it ruins the flow of the graceful line of the Auburn fender.  Plus, the fender is crowned, and the fuel filler base flat, so that’s an issue that, while fixable with a grinder, is sort of, well, just short of abomination. 

So, I think my first plan, rear corner of the box, is the clear winner.  Agree? 

In other news, actual progress, although small, was made on the rear fenders.  The wheel opening was not quite large enough for the HUGE 245/75R 17’s to exit the wheel opening when changing.  The lower front edge of the lip overhung the profile of the tire.  So, I cut a wedge, about an inch at the bottom of the lip, about 8 inches up the fender, out with the cutoff wheel, and enlarged the wheel opening just that little bit.  It’s all glassed up, and I think the result is much better.  Sort of close to see here, but imagine if the shop wasn’t full of stuff, and I could step back and take a full on side view.  Trust me, it’s much better.  I also trimmed up and reshaped both ends of the running boards, didn’t look right. 

That’s all for now, more progress reports as they happen!

  1. Bob Heine says:


    “So, I think my first plan, rear corner of the box, is the clear winner. Agree?”

    I completely agree. It’s the kind of thing you want to see every time you walk up to the driver’s side to get in. It’s the most functional spot and I think it’s where the factory might have put it.

  2. Glenn Altobelli says:

    I agree with you on your fuel filler Brian. Looks to out of place on the rear roll pan and I just hate to see things mounted to the fenders. They have such a beautiful curve to them and mounting anything there just takes away from that. That rear corner of the box looks like it was ment to have the fuel door there. Good call Brian, can’t wait to see the finished product. You build very nice stuff. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Relix Riot last weekend. And thanks for the convertible top idea!

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