Sunshine+Roadsters=Great November day!

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Ford Roadsters, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Real Hot Rods

It’s official.  I am a bad influence on otherwise productive and motivated people.  I have a long, long list of things I have to get done, both on my Diamond T project and things around the homestead, but instead of doing any of those things, I unloaded the ’36 from the trailer and went for a long ride.  Not only did I spend all day goofing off, burning fossil fuel, but I also dragged my buddies Dennis and Matt away from  their work.  Which, in retrospect, wasn’t really that hard!

We hung out at Dennis’ shop, where hopefully he can get the fingerprints and drool I left on the aluminum interior panels of his RPU.  Then lunch at a little diner in town, and cruised around taking pics of our two dissimilar, yet somehow the same, old Fords.  

 Nose to nose.

“Are they kit cars?”

In front of the track at the Ionia fairgrounds.

Worlds coolest leaf rake.

“The Wall”.  Ionia State Prison.  Matt was a little freaked out about pulling the cars onto the grass here, and we all thought it best to shoot and run before we attracted any attention.  Like they’d be hard to spot as prison break get-away cars…

Keep your eyes on the road, and both hands upon the wheel!

It was a GREAT afternoon, many thanks to my friends Dennis and Matt, for playing hookey from  “The Ionia Rod Shop” to enjoy a beautiful November afternoon in two roadsters.   I don’t think we could have spent the day doing ANYTHING more worthwhile or productive!

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