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Posted: December 12, 2010 in Antique trucks, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Tin Can Tourists


I seem to be at the stage where I can work all day, and nothing new to show.  So, no new pics, but I do want to keep this up to date. 

I’ve worked many hours this weekend on the wiring harness, and that’s a slow, tedious, unglamorous job.  It didn’t help that I smoked the voltmeter yesterday, inadvertantly hooking the hot feed to ground.  I was able to swap in the guts of the GM voltmeter from the old conversion van gauge panel, so that saved about 75 bucks for a new gauge.  Works fine, and I’m happy to have saved it. 

 I spent today getting the fuel gauge working.  I’d hoped that the SW gauge would work with the GM sender in the tank, but alas, it was not gonna happen.  Not compatible.  So, out came the tank, and after purging it with exhaust from the wagon, I cut a hole for the SW sending unit and got that installed.  The gauge works perfectly.  Now all I have to do is replace the 15lb fuel pump with a 60lb one, which looks like it’ll be an easy task.  I may try to get a Chev pickup pump from my buddy Brad at Morris Rose Auto Parts, and adapt it to my tank rather than buy a new generic one. 

This week I’m going to order some ’37 Ford tailights,  get them mounted, mount the headlights to the front fenders so I can finish up the wiring harness.  Then, brake lines, finish the fuel lines, and get the ECM reflashed so I can fire this bad boy up!

I should also mention that there is a new addition to Cool McCool’s Garage.  It’s Milo, the shop cat, seen here in repose behind the wood stove.   He’s a kitten that showed up under the bird feeder around Thanksgiving, that I’ve adopted.  He kept hanging around, trying to ambush birds and amusing us trying without sucess to catch them.  After a couple weeks of feeding him, and trying to coax him out from under the deck, he suddenly let me hold and pet him.  In fact, he went from feral to annoying in about 24 hours.  I can’t walk from the house to the garage now without tripping over him.  It’s OK though, so far I’ve taught him to hunt his food dish and hang out at the back door.  He doesn’t mind being kicked at all.  I put him in the warm shop tonight, he knows a good thing when  he’s got it.  Didn’t try to get out into the cold at all!

  1. Becky says:

    Awwwww….you did a good thing for the kitten. Maybe having Milo in the shop will keep the squirrels from using the ChrisCraft as their personal food pantry!

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