A place to sit.

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Antique trucks, Hot Rod, Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers, Vintage trucks

As I’m sort of killing time untill I get the ECM reprogrammed, I thought now was a good time to get the seat mounted.  The cushion and back are from some kine of late model SUV or crossover, I don’t know what.  What I DO know is that I have 4 hides that match the leather close enough to do the headliner and cab corners, so that’s great. 

I made an extension for the riser (that’s what the seat base sets on) as the original cushions were much taller, and made mounts for the seat back.  Kim agrees it looks good, and with the seat in, it’s very apparent how SMALL the cab is.  I can get in and out OK, and once in have plenty of room, but anybody over about 5’10” will simply  not fit in the cab.  People were smaller than I guess.

I need to make a plywood base for the cushion to hold the upholstery, and locate the cushion on the Diamond T seat pan, but it fits good, looks good, and it’s more comfortable than the old coil seat would have been. 

More news as it happens.

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