What can Brown do for me?

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Ford Roadsters, Hot Rod

They can start bringing me parts!

I sent the ECM out to a guy in MO today to be reprogrammed, and I have the chrome for the hood boxed up and ready to to to “ChromeplaterJosh” from the HAMB, once he looks over the email photos I sent and gives me the green light to send them to him.  His confidant that he can plate these, so that’s a relief. 

I’ve ordered the other new tail light, to replace the one I ordered in error that doesn’t match the one I have, so that should be here soon as well. 

In other news, I put 2″ lowering blocks BACK in the rear of the wagon.  I was tired of looking at it with it’s tail in the air.  I’m going to get some air shocks for when we tow the trailer.  I’m also going to modify the skirts to fit, the latches hit the hubcaps now, with the new, slightly wider rear axle. 

I’m also registered and have plans to display the ’36 at the Autorama at Cobo Hall in Detroit.  I’d passed and given up my spot when the whole health scare came on a month or so ago, and was very dissapointed to have done that.  Now, with no surgery in the near future, and half the weekend of the show off, I’m going to go.  The trailer is ready, the car just needs to be dusted off and detailed, although Bill McGuire from HOT ROD assures me that while the dudes upstairs are polishing driveshafts and aligning screw slots on their rides, I and the rest of the guys in the basement with “Singlefinger Garage” will be kicking back drinking beer.  I guess I won’t worry about the rock chips and dirty undersides!

  1. Becky says:

    When is the show at COBO?

  2. kirkus says:

    Good news, going to Bondo-rama. I grew up there, Dad showe cars there for a long time, I had cars in # 49, 50, 51, 52 I think! Upstairs and down.

    You might want to call and be sure your spot is booked, I heard the Fortin’s house burned down, with a lot of registration forms inside it….

    Might I suggest you consider Airride airbags instead of air shocks? It is more work to install, but i think it can give you the effect of a “helper spring” without the harsh ride of an airshock…..

    Just an idea, its what i have in my ’58.


    • flynbrian48 says:

      Kirk, I hope to see you there! Sorry to hear about Fortin’s loss, that’s terrible. I actually sent my reg. to Dennis Scott. I do have a pair of air springs, and probably should use those instead. With a small tank and compresser, I’d be all set. I have brackets for an S-10 install with them, but it’d be simple to make them for Pontiac.

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