Blizzard prep, 101.

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

To prepare for the impending Great Blizzard of ’11, I made a big pot of soup, and an apple pie.  Hopefully tomorrow morning we’ll be so snowed in that neither one of us will be able to get to work.  My worst nightmare is being stuck at the hospital, the next shift unable to get in, and having to stay all night, and maybe the next day and night.  It’s certainly windy now, although no new snow has fallen yet.  That’s supposed to start sometime around 8 pm, which hopefully will be the case and Kim will be able to get home from work tonight.  We have plenty of wine, so we should be all set…

I did hitch the enclosed trailer up to the truck, pulled it out and pointed it out down the driveway.  If we get a foot or more snow tonight, it’d be impossible to get it dug out to get the roadster to Cobo hall later this month.  Smart thinking, huh?  Kim thinks we should leave the cars out in the drive, also pointed out, but I’m not so sure I want to deal with sh0veling them out at 5 am tommorow in a blizzard.   They may end up compeltely drifted over,  if we get the kind of storm we’re supposed to have tonight.

After the disaster preparation was through, and the pie out of the oven, I went out to the garage and worked on the truck.  Since I hadn’t heated the shop yesterday, everything was pretty cold, so no body work.  I made some panels for the interior, above the doors and behind the seat.  I’d been wondering about how to do the headliner, as there are no bows to hang one from.  It’s also a very small cab, with a low roof, and I don’t want to lose any headroom.

I decided to make these flat trim panels which will be covered with leather to match the seat, and the headliner will be another piece of leather, glued to the inside of the roof,  over a layer of Dynamat (foil faced auto insulation and sound deadener).  It’s self adhesive as well.  There  are little metal panels which frame the door opening, and cover the joint where the roof meets the cab in back of the seat, so they’ll fit right over the panels I made and trim them.

I plan on making a trip down to Bontragers RV salvage to get some more of the Dynamat like material.  They usually have it, it’s used on the inside of RV panels.  Not expensive, and the adhesive is great.   Obviously, I have some rust removal to do on the inside of the roof. 

I had sandblasted the headlight buckets the other day, and found that one of them was lacy on the bottom half.  I simply mixed up some JB Weld, and spread a thin layer of it on the inside (also blasted clean) of the bucket.  The JB Weld oozed thru the pinholes, and once cured, I just filed it off on the outside.  Both buckets were dented from dropping the hood on them, so I had some body work to do anyway.   It’ll be fine. 

That’s all for now,  just sit back and wait for the storm of the century!

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