Great Blizzard of 2011!

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Somewhere, behind that pile of snow, is my truck and a car trailer.

Can you spot the driveway in this picture?  I didn’t think so!  This is the reason I didn’t get to work untill 1000 today.   The drift is as tall as it looks, I was just looking up the driveway.

I had gotten up at 0500, looked out the window to see our neighbor dairy farmers big articulated loader going by with a plow on the front.  Watched go down our road to the corner, turn, go down to the dairy drive and then the 3/4 mile in to the barn.  No doubt plowing so the milk truck could get in.  I thought I’d be able to get in OK, but obviously, our driveway was between me and one plowed lane out to the highway.  As it was, that drifted full before we got the drive cleaned out anyway.

"You're little tractor won't be able to take care of that."

Here I am, just getting to the big drift in front of the truck.  Our neighbor Don Stillman came over at about 0600 and plowed the drive to the house.  By the time I got the snowblower fixed (sheared a pin in the auger and got stuck in the other part of the driveway before Don showed up) and we finished up, I was already over an hour late.  Being told I can’t shovel or do heavy lifting, like the back of a lawn tractor in deep snow, made the job a little tougher.  Kim helped, and I didn’t even swear.  So I had breakfast and was a little later for work.  One of my co workers didn’t make it in, she got stuck, not pleasant this morning at 0600.  Waited untill about noon I guess to get hauled out.  Pretty stressful I’m sure, setting in a car in a snowdrift.

That's pretty deep.


So, the method here is, hit the drift and push the blower in as far as it’ll go.  Back up, move a little to one side, hit it again.  Repeat untill the snow collapses over the under-cut, then clean that up, and hit it again.  I punched thru this big drift in about 10 minutes, and got almost to the truck.  I’ll finish up on Friday when I don’t have to work.  Just wanted to see if I’d be able to clean this up.



Now, a couple more hours, and I’ll be able to get the truck and trailer out.   I think.  Otherwise, I’ll have to hire somebody with a Bobcat to dig it out.  I’d rather do it myself.

The snow is so big, and I'm so small...

It seems like a pretty big job for such a small machine, doesn’t it?

Almost there!

This one I don’t think we’ll try to dig out untill May!  Which we shouldn’t have to do, happily.  The car trailer has to be out to take the Roadster to the Cobo show in three weeks.  Oh, two and half.  I’d better get the driveway finished!

So, that’s it.  The roads and streets are pretty  much all cleared, and we are greatful to Don for helping out.  It was fun listening to the wind howl last night, we were snug and warm.  It was kind of fun, and for once, the weather man was right!

  1. Kim says:

    You forgot to give me credit for shoveling the walks and the deck!

  2. Eleanore vanaayll says:

    For me the best solution is simply—go back to bed..

  3. U. Foster and A.Eleanorsyrup says:

    You really had the snow, we had some but not that much. Allan came and cleaned our drive this AM. We don’t need to go anywhere and we aren’t, we are staying “put”‘

  4. Brother Barry says:

    ohhh my… looks like a winter wonderland just the license plates used to exclaim..

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