Diamond T update.

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I got the PCM (powertrain control module) back after having some guy (who hopefully knows more than I do about these things) reprogram it for my transmission and removal of un-needed programs.  He very kindly explained to me in simple terms I could understand (read, as if talking to a computer illiterate 6 year old) what I needed to do to enable this computer to “talk” to my transmission. 

That involved pulling most of the already run wiring harness out from under the dash, and CAREFULLY taking three of the tiny little connectors from the plugs for the PCM out, replacing them in different spots, and running two wires (which my wiring harness lacked) back to the trans.  This is all Greek to me, I’m hoping that it’ll go into gear and shift as it should!

This is the plug, and each of those little holes has a tiny pin attached to a wire that goes somewhere important.  My job, pull the correct ones, splice a new wire on, run it to the correct plug on the trans, and hope for the best.  There are 160 pins, in case you are wondering…  A few aren’t needed for my application, and a few are “blank” holes, so if I have the correct information, it’ll all work!

This is the transmission end of that mess of wires.  So far, it’s the only “tidy” looking part.  tomorrow I’ll put the rest of the wiring harness back where it belongs, put the fuse panel back in place, and we’ll be ready to fire this puppy up.  Well, after I connect the fuel lines to the tank, put some oil in it, get two new coils to replace the two broken ones, and get the oil cooler and transmission coolers mounted and plumbed.   I’m almost done…

That’s it for today.  tomorrows job is to get the roadster fired up and unloaded from the newly dis-entombed trailer so I can clean it up.  Getting ready for the Cobo show, I don’t want any surprises.

  1. Kim says:

    Most 6 year-olds are not computer illiterate!

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