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Inspired by my friend Matt who drove “Regret” , a Hot Rod ’32 Ford with no fenders, no radio and I’m guessing no heater, from Ionia to Detroit today (really Matt, don’t you think there’d have been a warmer day between now and Cobo?) I got the wagon and out and drove to the Gilmore Museum this afternoon.  It was cold.  Really, really, really cold.  And the car has a heater, and was in a heated garage when I left.  And it’s only 2 1/2 miles.

Actually, it wasn’t bad.  I’d replaced the blown power steering hose, the roads were dry, and I thought it’d be fun to drive the car to my “orientation” as a mentor for the Gilmore Ed. program.  It was fun, AND I got an official mentor T shirt with original Chip Foose artwork on the back, which, being as it’s a 2X and I’m 5’4″ and weigh 155, I think I’ll cut up and frame.

I’m on the woodworking team, which since the body is framed in (mostly missing and/or rotted) wood, is a pretty big part of the project.  We’ll see if my old shop teachers confidence in me is warranted after a couple of weeks. 

Actually, I learned something my first day.  I need to make a “list” (Kim, write this down, I now acknowledge a list can be a good thing!) of what tasks I need to accomplish  and FINISH when I go out to the shop.  The kids obviously need a goal to work towards on their shop days, and I now accept that I am no different.   I tend to leave things half done, thinking I’ll get back and finish them later, but it does get overwhelming with so many unfinished pieces of the project done.  So, I’m learning already. 

Here’s another shot of the wagon outside the Franklin building on the museum grounds.  It’s about 15 degrees when the photo was taken.  Warmer weather is just around the corner!

  1. Kim says:

    I never thought I’d hear the word “list” come from your mouth if it was going to apply to you! All the years of observing me work a list should come in handy! And I have it in writing with witnesses that this is something you acknowledge as a good thing!!

    • Dave Pyatt says:

      Acknowledging that something a wife suggests is a good thing and actually ever seeing it implemented are two completely different things, Kim, just as my wife!

      Our… err… HER ’48 Pontiac has been with us 19 years, and as we speak it is sitting in the single digits here in Ohio in front of the garage, not inside, not being worked on (well, it IS single digit temperatures)… Spring’s coming, maybe then…

  2. Dave Pyatt says:

    that was supposed to say =ask my wife= not =as my wife= … didn’t see an edit function.

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