Cobo Hall, some after-thoughts.

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Detroit Autorama, Hot Rod, Uncategorized

I’ve had almost a week now to digest the experience of showing the car(s) at Cobo.  Admittedly, I got off to a rocky start, but I had a REALLY good time.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more sentimental lately, or the potentially catastrophic brake failure of the pickup made me appreciate simply BEING there with the car intact, or if the guys I was hanging out with made me feel welcome and part of something bigger than myself.  Probably all of the above. 

I do think that the experience of being on the HAMB message board has been positive, certainly meeting some of the people whose names and cars I recognize from there was a big part.  I had fun in the basement checking out that show, as well as  looking at the “show” cars upstairs.  Part of me still wants to be a little judgemental about each extreme, but ultimately the expression of personal taste in either end is worth examining without prejudice.  I’m learning.   I felt no small satisfaction in having picked the same car as my favorite, the Ford convert here,  as it was ultimately the Ridler winner.  Evidently , I have good taste.  I still find myself looking at these high dollar pieces thinking, “I could do that.”, and planning how to go about it.  Ever the optimist…

So, to Larry from Singlefinger Garage,  to all the HAMB’rs who I got to met, to my old friends whom I got to visit with and hang with, and to the many new friends I met and look forward to seeing again next summer, next winter, or whenever, thanks for making the show memorable. 

See ya!

  1. Brother Barry says:

    dad tells me that your pontiac wagon won some notable award ? congratulations! As with so many of your creations, it is a fine work of art from one who creates with passion and vision.

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