More little things done.

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Antique trucks, Hot Rod, Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trucks

This ugly white plastic box is the upper radiator tank, or “surge tank” that I scrounged today from my buddy Brad’s salvage yard.  I had one, but it was cracked.  As I had no way to fill the radiator as it was, this was absolutely necessary.  It’ll get painted black with that plastic paint, I’ll leave a strip clear as a sight gauge to see whether the system is full or not.  I think it looks ugly, but suitably “truck-ish” and purposeful.  After all, this is a truck.

I also got the exhaust pipes started, using the “Y” pipe from the van I originally bought as a donor car, cut up into dozens of little stainless steel pieces and welded back together, along with sections of pipe from the 6.o LS exhast with the 02 sensors.  It feels good to use things from the van, as I didn’t end up using the engine and trans.  This turned out pretty good, I have the 02 sensors in and hooked up, so with filling up the radiator, changing the engine oil, topping off the trans and dumping some gas in the tank, this thing SHOULD start right up. 

It feels VERY good to get these little things accomplished.  Now, when the weather warms up, I can start painting things, my favorite part!

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