First drive with the ’36, to see “Duece of Spades”.

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Hot Rod, Uncategorized

Today I unloaded the ’36 from it’s tomb (it was still in the trailer) and we drove up to Ionia for the showing Matt Lesky arranged of “Duece of Spades”.  It was a glorious April day, sunny and 70 when we left, and got to the 80’s this afternoon.  Perfect for the first drive of the season with the car. 

The event was VERY well attended, I didn’t count cars, but the theater appeared to be roughly half full, so at least 300 people.  The block in front of the theater was full of cars, angle parked on both sides of the street, so maybe a hundred?

The film was better than I’d expected (I’ll admit right now I had low expectations, it’s nice to be surprised), and flat-out remarkable considering the film-maker, Faith Granger, practically did the entire thing on her own.  Written, directed, produced, filmed, and acted in, it was a remarkable piece of work.  It’s far better than many big budget movies, and very real.  The cars she rounded up, cameos by Bill Hines and Gene Winfield, locations used certainly rate a big thumbs up.  It’s probably not going to be seen on Oscar night, but it’s certainly worth being in every gear-heads collection.   

Jeff's "A"

Crafty's Caddy



WidowMaker '57Relix cars

Kim and I had a great day “in Church” as Dennis would say!  A big thank you to Matt for working so hard to bring this film to Ionia, and letting us all share.  It was a GREAT day!
Edit:  Apologies, for some reason two of the pics didn’t upload, but the captions did and are smashed onto the wrong pic.  Oh well, here’s the missing pic…

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