Posted: April 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know I’ve asked some dumb questions, and nobody knows the answer to everything, but today I saw a stupifying post on the HAMB. 

The guy wanted to know if anybody had an assembly manual for a ’40 Chev pickup, because he couldn’t figure out how or  if the hood was supposed to be attatched to the top of the radiator support/grill shell.  Really?   The guy thinks he’s gonna hot rod this truck, and he’s asking for an assembly manual?

Another fella posted about a’71 Checker Marathon he’d just bought.  Seriously, a dozen guys have chimed to say how cool they are.  What?  Different yes, cool, I don’t know. Maybe I’m out of touch.

Part of the fun of the HAMB is reading the silly stuff, so I guess I shouldn’t pick these two out, but lately there seem to be WAY more of these types of things there, and on many of the other message board/groups I read. 

I’m just say’n…

  1. Joe Foerster says:

    Hehehe. Brian, that’s why it’s called the Hokey-Assed Message Board!

  2. gene newton says:

    I think the older we get were not passing on to the younger generation some of the necessary basic skills needed to buy and repair a car. I hear some programs at the high school level are no longer being taught due to budgetary cut backs, which is sad because
    that’s where I first started working on cars.
    I think the younger fellas are jumping on board because they think it’s cool to have a rat rod, classic or whatever their passion may be and don’t have the mechanical skills or common sense. I guy needed a manual for a hood latch…really…that’s sad

    • flynbrian48 says:

      I’d like to think Hot Rodding is a sort of hands on, think for yourself, make it work sort of activity. Evidently not, now I need a manual. I was dissapointed that 50 guys didn’t immediately jump on this guys case and just hammer it to death. A kinder, gentler HAMB, I guess.

  3. Craig McCool says:

    the radiator support attaches to the flux capacitor, right?

  4. Noel Cummins 46highboypu says:

    It always gives me a laugh that so many on the Hard Core Message Board aask permission to work on their own project…”is it okay if I do this? or use this part? is it traditional??”

  5. Altowild says:

    Go easy on these guys. We all had to start somewhere. I have met alot of people in the last few years that had never worked on even a bicycle that are now getting intrested in putting together a car. If we give them smart ass answers and discourage them by giving them a hard time, they will just give up. There just trying to learn by asking those who know. Remember what we were always taught and what we have taught our kids “there is no stupid question”. I always try to help these guys. Hot Rodding is already a dying sport. We need to keep it alive by giving these guys a hand no matter how stupid the question. Can any of you guys out there truthfully say that you never asked a stupid question. I’ve asked plenty and Im smarter for it today!

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