This doesn’t LOOK like progress!

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Antique trucks, Hot Rod, Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trucks
Diamond T apart

Wait a minute, wasn’t this all together and running a couple of weeks ago?  What, huh? 

Yes, it was, but now comes the HARD part.  Actually finishing up all these little jobs that need finishing before it can get color.  I REALLY need to get color on it, and in order to do that, the box had to come off.  It needs a to have all the seams finished up and filled, then primed and painted.
While box is off, the back of the cab can be finished, and the cab can be painted inside and out.  Then, the box can go back on for good, and I can start to paint the running boards, exterior box panels.  These will all be red to match the firewall, already done. 
The box, seen here standing on end, I’ll put on my little utility trailer for bodywork and paint.  It’ll be easy to roll it around and move in and out for blasting, body work and paint.  I’m assuming here that the weather will eventually warm up and I’ll be able to paint it.  For now, it’s much too cold yet.
Meanwhile, with the box off,  it’ll be easy to run brake lines, and get the driveshaft in.  That sort of stuff will be easy to do standing up, as opposed to laying on my back underneath.   
 Of course, the problem now is I have to find a place to store all the parts that I’ve taken off.  The roadster, now in the attached garage on the house, will go back in the trailer, and the Pontiac wagon can go in the garage.  The ’48 convert I’ll have to run in and out of the shop while painting, and the T’Bird will get tarped. 
Meanwhile, I have to get the Spartan ready for summer camping with a touch up polish, and its new wheels and tires.  My original goal of having the truck done for the TCT Spring Ralley, the 3rd weekend in May, just one short month from now, clearly isn’t gong to happen.  So much for deadlines.   We’ll show up with the wagon or the convertible, AGAIN.

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