Polishing the Spartan, part Duex

Posted: May 9, 2011 in camping, Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

I'm exhausted

I just finished up polishing the Spartan.  All day Sat., half day yesterday, and started at 0830 today.  I still have to put the tools and polish away, the ladders, planks, etc, and wash the trailer, but ALL 25 feet of it are polished.  I cheated and didn’t do the center of the roof, but anybody who wants to climb up there and complain is welcome to grab the buff, a can of Nuvite and have at it.  I’m done.

Just touch the polish in a grid on the section to be polished. This is the upper left cap over the windsheild.

A fingertip dipped in the polish does about a 2ft square area.

Now buff! Twenty or thrity hours later, the trailer will look like the section in the foreground. The entire trailer was dull like the section behind the polished area.And when you're done, it'll look like this. Pretty shiny!


This is worth all the work.

Who is that hamdsome devil?

The result, rapid aging, paunch, and grey beard, are shown in the photo below.  The owner looks bad, but the trailer looks pretty good!

 Actually, the skin of the trailer is about like the skin on me.  Pitted, wrinkled and a little rough in spots with some scars and road rash, but overall, pretty decent for its age.  Not quite reflective enough to shave in, but as you can see, I’ve given up on that too.
So, that’s this years polish job.  I’d really like to be able to park it inside, the job would last much longer if the trailer weren’t out in the weather 365.  I’ve thought of building a shelter to store it, but I’d just fill it with junk.
That’s all from Cool McCool’s Garage, here on Milo Rd at the edge of the cornfield.  Stay tuned for updates on the Diamond T project, which can start getting painted any day now that the trailer is done and the wagon is ready to roll.
  1. Kim says:

    Thanks hon…it’s looks wonderful. For those who don’t know, every spring Brian threatens to “just paint the damn thing.” And every year I say no, it wouldn’t be the same. So far, so good! Love you.

  2. It looks gorgeous…great job!!

  3. Rebecca Price says:

    awesome! Wanna sell it? LOL!

  4. Joe Chasse says:

    You deserve to be proud to be able to take a self portrait in the reflection!

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