So Big!

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Like Anthony Wiener, I’m often asked, “Brian, how big is your…truck?”

The answer is,

“It’s BIG!”

In fact, it’s SO big, that I have a hard time reaching the top!  I’m in negotiations for my own reality show, which I’ll call, “Little person, BIG truck!”, and am waiting for the royalty checks to start rolling in.

Here I am sanding the fender, in my favorite summer shirt.

  1. Mark Speiser says:

    The Speiser family and Siebeneck family are enjoying the photos. Good laugh. Keep up the good work on the Diamond T.

  2. gene newton says:

    You know what they say Brian “Don’t quit your day job”, No matter what mood I’m in when I read your blog it
    always brings a smile to my face and I thank you.

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