Who’s garage is cooler than this?

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Real Hot Rods

So, why DO I spend all this time, effort, money and energy on cars, searching for and acquiring things?  This answers the question for me.

I was working on Kim’s treadmill, which is (for now) in the garage, between the two doors.  This yard sale bargain today ate the rear roller, and we found one ebay for 29 bucks.  That, and a belt are  on the way, and while working on it, I stopped for a moment, looked around and snapped these picks.  

It’s pretty cool, I think, to have all this stuff, and even cooler to have built it all, including the  garage it’s all in, myself. 

Life is good.

  1. Marc Romanowski says:


    I really love the tudor. I am venturing on a somewhat similar project for a family convertible and was wondering if you could give me any tips on fabricating the roof and windscreen. It does not need to be completely water tight, just enough to keep the family and electronics dry.


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