Seeing red, or, Painting the Diamond T fenders!

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Diamond T truck

Today, I got all four fenders and the tailgate painted for the ’48 Diamond T pickup.  It wasn’t without some drama, as the first coat had to be washed off due to a terrible fish-eye problem.  That turned out to be a contaminated screen in the pickup tube of my paint gun, but it sure caused a headache.  I had to wash the entire tailgate, and I ended up using another gun untill I figured out why this new one was suddenly shooting fish-eyes.   There are a few in the clear of the right front fender, as I tried again to use that particular gun before I figured out what was going on.  I think they’ll sand and polish out, so no worries.



Other than that, all the parts look really good, and I’m happy to have gotten this stuff painted.  Now, the box and cab need a final prep, and I’ll get color on them.  I’d hoped that’d happen tomorrow, but I think I have too much to do to get them painted.   Looks like the first chance I’ll bet to paint them will be next week, but that’s OK, as I’ll still be on track to get all the sheet metal painted before summer’s end.

Stay tuned for more exciting painting action!

  1. Robert Young says:

    any Idea where to find D6000 -1960 Diamond T fenders – flat top
    Thanks Bob Young —

    • flynbrian48 says:

      Sure don’t Robert. There’s a Facebook page for Diamond Reo trucks, if you’re not on that, l’d suggest you find and join, perhaps someone into the later, big heavy trucks could help you. Good luck!


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