Relix Riot! Why isn’t this the biggest car show in the midwest?

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Relix Riot

My buddy Mark DeRykes killer Model A coupe!

 This  show, while not the biggest, is certainly one of, if not THE best car show in the country.  The venue (the Gilmore Car Museum) is outstanding, the host club is gracious, the entertainment was unexpected and great (as in “What are YOU doing here?) and the cars they attract are top-notch.  Moving the event up to this August date (the weekend formerly held by the “Rod Benders” for the Elvis Memorial show) is certainly better than the last weekend in September, so it has to be the fact that the Dream Cruise, and several other big, established shows were also last weekend.   Of course, I don’t know what the financial end looked like, there was a pretty large spectator crowd, and success isn’t always measured in numbers. Maybe the Relix club doesn’t want it any bigger, so doesn’t go the way of the “Hunnert Car Pile-up” and some other big shows that grew so large, so fast, that they got out of control and lost the vibe that made them great initially. 

Anyway, enough of that, here are some pics of what we liked, and never mind that some are of course going to be of our stuff, because for us, having our stuff there is the fun of it all!

Dorr Johnson's coupe, soon to be seen in "Street Rodder"!Jake's pickup and chopped Chebbie.Just your usual campground rolling stock...

JokerRR's Model A, which somehow ended up in my trailer!


These would look nice if they'd lower 'em a little...


I told you our stuff would be in here!


Oh yeah...


Diners and Hot Rods just go together.


Friday night's entertainment was, um, hot!Yikes!



She should have won the pin-up contest!

This months “Hot Rod” cover car.I could probably learn to do this…

I could probably learn to do this...

Crafty B’s MacDaddy Caddy, all better now.

Traditonal, but with a modern touch. Very classy.


Perfect.Why she didn't win the Pin-up contest, I don't know.


Kim and Donnell, just kick'n it.


Man, that girl could SING! Acoustic set Sat. afternoon after the power went out, and the rain stopped.

When the Relix hires entertainment, they don't mess around!


Until next year, So Long!

TA DA! That's all folks!

  1. flynbrian48 says:

    For some reason, the captions are scrambled, and a couple of the pics aren’t there. Bear with me folks, I’m still learning this blog thing!


  2. Brian Rowley says:

    I hated to miss the show this year. I was out of the state with family. Maybe next year in the ole’58

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