Getting our Bling on…

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Diamond T truck

This afternoon I made a trip to the hardware store to pick up some stainless steel machine screws to mount the bed side panels, and from there went in to my buddy Tom’s to fetch the other pair of aluminum Dodge truck rims from him.  These are polished, which totally changed my mind about painting these rims the body color.  Now, instead, I’m going to polish up two of the other 4, so the truck will have 4 polished ones, and the Spartan can wear two machine finish ones.  These have brand new Michelon load range E tires, the same size as the other 5 I have, so they’re all the same size.  Now, one more rim, and I could have a 17″ for a spare instead of the steel 16″.  Hmmmm….

I mounted the wheel and tire here on the right front, and spent the rest of ther afternoon drilling and tapping holes in the bed frame for the screws.  The rest of the pics tell the story, so I’ll shut up now.

One dilemma; do I polish the grab rail for the box, or leave it brushed?  They’re stainless, and will get used so they’ll eventually get scratched anyway, but should I polish them up and go for the totally pimped out, Cowboy Cadillac look?

Your vote doesn’t really count, but let me know anyway!

  1. Kim says:

    What do you mean my vote doesn’t count?!

  2. Kevin Barber says:

    Stay with the brushed look. I doubt Mr. Tilt would mind. Great Truck, and great webpage!

  3. Becky says:

    Polish them—because I know you like to spend hours and hours and hours making things shiny!

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