Assembly, part II.

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

NOW it looks like something, yes?  Today I mounted the left rear fender, the running board, front fender, and got started fitting the hood.  It wasn’t without difficulty, but overall wasn’t too bad.

The first hitch was that I realized I’d not replaced the upper ball joints, which I discovered when I tried to tighten up the left front suspension components.  A trip to the auto parts store netted me two new ball joints, those were replaced easily.  Got the brake lines mounted from the master cyl. to the distribution block, and the steering shaft mounted, for the last time, as these tasks had to be done before the fender went on. 

Steering shaftbrake lines run from master cylinder

I also put the dash panels in, and discovered only then that there are 4 holes in the dash from the first gauge panel I made that the new one doesn’t cover.  Darn.  So, when I fill those, and repaint the dash, I can touch up the two small scratches I put in the front fenders putting the hood on.  These little exercises in humility keep me humble. 
I had to order an adaptor for the oil pressure sending unit for the Stewart Warner gauge from Speedway, which should be here tomorrow.  I’d not thought about that untill after the engine was in, which required cutting an access hole in the floor/firewall to get the sender, which in the back of the block behind the intake manifold.  inaccessible from under-hood.  The hole will get a removable access panel, and isn’t visible from the engine compartment, so it’s all OK.   
Overall, I’m very happy with how it’s going together.  The minor goofs are easily repairable, and I’m not going to stress about them.  The overall look is even better than I’d imagined, and I’m on track for getting it together and finished up this winter.  
Some friends are having a wood cutting “bee” in a couple of weeks for me, and while I can’t help split, I can help fall and cut up.  I’ll miss Saturday at the Nat’s North, but friends, and firewood for winter, trump that!
  1. gene newton says:

    Hi Brian
    It won’t be long now until your driving and pulling your trailer, oh yeah, one thing
    the hose clamp on the steering shaft please tell me it’s only a temporary thing.
    It’s looking great Brian I’m very happy for you.
    My Regards

  2. flynbrian48 says:

    Never fear Gene, that was just to hold the intermediate shaft from slipping thru the lower U-joint during assembly, serves no purpose once it’s all bolted up!


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