Car Shows Suck!

Posted: September 19, 2011 in car shows suck

OK, I’ve been proven wrong, AGAIN!  Kim and I had a GREAT time at Nats North in Kalamazoo this weekend.  Saw some great and innovative cars, met up with lots of old friends, and made some new ones.  I only wish I had the time, garage space and money to try to emulate all of them.  

The swap meet was filled with potential projects that I could see myself building, and happily, one of my friends bought one, a very nice Briggs Model A leatherback sedan.  That one won’t tempt me, but the Graham Hollywood, the really nice ’29 roadster on ’32 rails, finished, for 15K made me wish I had some extra $$.  Oh well, to many projects now.

Rather than blather on, here are some pics of what I was impressed with.  Enjoy.

’55 Plymouth Nomad Wagon.

The Plymouth wagon above knocked my socks off, and it was for sale!  Happily, we already have a wagon, so I wan’t tempted, but that shows some imagination and creativity.  I like it.  Now, back to what impressed me…
’40 RPU.

As you can see, I like wierd stuff!  There were lots of COE trucks there this year, and I was happy to see another olive green ’36.  I was surprised when I loaded the pics, that I’d:
a)  taken so few, and:
b) that I’d taken so few. 
I guess what’s fun for me now is just hanging out with my friends, and having fun.  The cars that made an impact on me are burned into my memory, and if I can get some of the things I already have going, maybe there’s a ’63 Riviera in my future.  Or, finishing up what I’ve got going now. 
My friend John Hall, seen below in a cloud of smoke from the coolest bar-b-que grill on the planet, cooking lunch for his buddies,  summed it up, “It’s like a tape measure thing.  You mark where you are, from there  how much distance and time is left, and  figure out what’s important.” 
Right on John, I think you’re right.
  1. Brian Rowley says:

    Good pictures Brian. John always did like a little smoke and it looks like Ken’s Hemochi is a little hot. I didn’t see that Plymouth Nomad while there on Friday. I would have liked to have seen it up close.

  2. Kim says:

    Please finish the projects you’ve started!!! The garage(s) are overflowing and you know the rule. My car always gets a place inside. No scraping for me this winter! Love you. I too had a good time.

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