Selling out…

Posted: October 10, 2011 in '36 Roadster

Well, I don’t know if I should have, or if I’m even ready to part with it, but the other night on the way home from work, I thought I should sell the roadster. 

I’d like to finish the Diamond T to a level I’ve never been able to finish a car before.  I’d like to complete the things on the ’51 Pontiac Tin Woody wagon that aren’t done, and do the things I’ve always wanted to get done on the long neglected and much abused ’48 Pontiac convert.  Then, there’s the ’59 T’Bird that’s still unfinished, that I’d like to get to.  The Chris Craft needs a new bottom, there’s loads of stuff to do around the house and shop, and, I could always build another car from a rusty piece of crap, right? 

Plus, it’s getting to be a challenge just keeping all this rolling stock, well, rolling.  My collection has expanded to the point that I almost need a curator to keep it all up.  Maybe I have too much stuff.  It might be time to slim down, get things manageable and not have so many projects going on at once.

A guy called me tonight and asked if I’d sell the car and the car trailer as a package, off ebay, and end the sale early.  I almost panicked, thinking, “What if I name a price and he buys them both?” 

Well, there IS a “Buy it Now” price listed, and I don’t need to sell it, so I don’t NEED to negotiate at this point, so I think I’ll wait a day, see what happens, and then decide whether to pull the listing, or let the sale continue. 

At what price is this replaceable?

(late addition)  Whew.  It didn’t meet the reserve :-)!!!

  1. Craig McCool says:

    You don’t want to sell this car. Sell the wagon or the ’48. And paint the t-bird some neutral color and sell it, too.

  2. flynbrian48 says:

    You are wise, young Skywalker…

  3. Kim says:

    But I don’t want to part with the two Pontiacs!!

  4. kirkus says:

    Decisions decisions! And none of them easy!

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