Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or, “Big Dually gets boxed”.

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Antique trucks, GMC truck

Just got back from Dads, where we got the box set on the truck, er, pickup frame.  It was quite a job getting box off my utility trailer, where it was setting upside down and cross-ways.   We ended up lifting it up with the overhead crane, setting it up on end and then flipping  it over by raising the front while lowering the back.  I’ll leave it hooked to the  hoist, as it has to come off to get the driveshaft in, brake lines and fuel lines run, and turns out I do need to trim the back of the frame rails off another 2 inches.  As it is, the box won’t set down on the rails at the back by about an inch.  So, off they come and I’ll just drill whatever holes I need for bumper brackets when the time comes.  Dad seems pretty pleased with the project, and had fun helping.  At least, he SAID it was fun! 

The frame itself is now done, with filch plates cut and fit to both sides where the seam is.  The driveshaft has to be cut down, it’ll need one section removed (when the chassis was lengthened, the driveshaft was extended with another section and 2nd carrier bearing), the rear tube will need a couple of feet off it and new U-joints.  It’s got 2″ lift blocks between the axle and rear springs, those are coming out and new U bolts made as well.  I don’t need it nosebleed  high.  Looking at the spring pack, even though each side has a couple of broken leaves,  it’s still going to be fine for whatever I’ll haul in it.  There are two overload springs on each side, a lower one which is original, and what looks to be an additional one on top.  I’d sort of like to slam the truck, but I’m not about to spend any extra money on it to make it so nice I don’t want to use it.  

I’m a little concerned that the wheel spacers I bought will need some time on a Bridgeport mill, as the holes for the lug nuts, while they’ll accept the 7/8″ lug nuts, won’t allow a socket wrench.  The new studs have a small metric nut, but they are metric studs, and the new lug nuts won’t fit the original studs in the hubs.  Nothing is easy.

So, that’s it for  now on this thing.  Next day off, I’m working on the Diamond T.  I want to get it color sanded and polished before it gets too cold, and the paint gets too hard.  More news as it happens. 

Late entry:  The more I think about it, the more fun doing it up “Nudie” style, sounds like!  It may mean a trip to Ikea to get a couple of hair on cowhides (one for the dash, and the othe for floor mats, or (I can’t believe I’m thinking this) seat inserts, prowl ebay for some chrome 6 shooter cap guns and concho’s.  Yee-Haw!

  1. Brian Rowley says:

    Glad u knew more about what I was talking about the I did. Looking good!

  2. flynbrian48 says:

    Brian, I know it’s always shortened to “fish plates”, but I THINK “filch” is the correct term. I could be wrong tho…


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