Big Red Truck, and Big White Truck progress.

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Antique trucks, Diamond T truck, GMC truck

After weeks of not working on the Diamond T, the one thing I really SHOULD be working on, I got a little bit done today.  I’d bought a pair of keyed, locking ’34 Ford door handles in Sept. at Nats North, and today got them fitted.  The truck originally had a lock only on the right door, and I don’t have a key, and couldn’t get the lock cylinder out anyway.  Wanting to be able to lock the truck, these seemed like they would;

A) Lock, and;

B) Look much better than the pitted originals.

The kicker was that they didn’t fit, the shaft was too long, and lacked a groove for the detent clip inside the lock mechanism, but a little work with a cut-off wheel and a file solved both things.  They look nice, although ’36 Ford handles would look more “Art Deco”, they don’t have integral locks.  So, these are good.

This afternoon I went to the NAPA store in Delton and picked up the new gas tank straps for the ’76 Jimmy one ton, some new steel line and rubber hose for connectors to replace the punky original fuel lines.   The straps went on the original tank mounts easily, I was able to mount the tank, and re-plumb the lines to the fuel pump.  It fired right up with no leaks, so that job is done.

After that, I cut holes in the frame for the box mount bolts.  Nothing is to quick and dirty for this job, and lacking a drill at the shop, I cut slotted holes in the top of the frame with the torch.  The box is now setting in place where, as soon as I get some 1/2×5″ carriage bolts, it’ll stay.  I’d like to blast and paint the frame and underside of the cab, but it can be done with the box on the chassis.

The new wheel spacers came yesterday, and I got those on as well.  All went well, except one of the holes milled in one of the spacers seems to be off-center, I can’t get the socket wrench on the nut to tighten it down.  Maybe I’ll take it to my buddy Johns shop and mill the hole a little larger, or maybe 7 lug nuts will hold.  We’ll see how ambitious I get.  The wheels have to come off anyway to get the new (used) tires mounted, so I’ll probably do it then.

The photo at left shows the rear wheels in their proper position, after the 3″ spacers on the hubs.  Before, the mudflaps (which are going away!) didn’t even cover the tire.  Still a little narrower than a dually pickup rear tread, but much better.  The tires also clear the fender well, also good.

So, progress today on two fronts.  Feels good to accomplish something, and I have a “Two-fer” of heavy-duty pickups now!

  1. Kim says:

    This will be novel. A vintage vehicle we can lock! Thanks!

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