November in Michigan, it’s STILL Roadster season!

Posted: November 14, 2011 in '36 Roadster, Antique trucks, GMC truck, Vintage trucks

So, you put your Hot Rod away already, did you?  Ha!   Jokes on you, ’cause it’s STILL roadster weather, despite that white stuff on the ground!  I had the ’36 out yesterday, and despite the lack of heater or side windows, it was a great ride!  I’ll admit I do have the car tucked away for winter now in the shop, with the ’48 Pontiac convert, the ’58 T’Bird roadster, the ’51 Pontiac wagon and the Diamond T pickup, and have room to walk around them all!  I feel pretty good about having them all inside, at home.

Lest you think I just pulled it out and took a picture in the snow, I’d been to the auto-parts store to pick up parts for the ’76 Jimmy “Great White”, and this was taken at my folk’s after I’d been driving for about half an hour.  I’ll admit it was a little chilly ;-).








I got the new master cylinder in the truck, bolted the box down, and couldn’t resist pulling it outdoors to take some pics.  Now, I after I bleed the brakes (I guess I might as well replace the original lines too, while I’m at it), I’m going to let it set outside over the winter, so we can take the “Tini-Home” trailer to the shop and rebuild it over the winter.  Kim has sworn she’s in for assisting on this build, so I’ll have a helper!

The Roadster is now tucked away in the shop here, along with the ’48 Pontiac convert, the ”59 T’Brid Roadster, the ’51 Pontiac wagon, and the ’48 Diamond T pickup.  It’s a FULL shop, but it’s pretty cool.  I can get around all of them, with plenty of room to work on the DT this winter.  There are some chores to be done on the ’51 wagon as well, so I’m glad they’re all here.

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