Some good news for a change.

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Diamond T truck, Vintage trucks

Between the loss of our dog “Frankie”, cutting up the big dead Ash tree in our front yard, and work, I haven’t gotten much done lately on the Diamond T.   Today I did get both front and rear bumpers on, and I’m happy with that. 

I’d blasted and painted the bumper brackets the other day, and gotten the shop warm enough for the paint to dry.  At the rear, the hitch receiver does triple duty as the frames rear cross-member, bumper bracket and trailer hitch.  The bumpers are 47-53 Chev pickup bumpers from “Chev’s of the 40’s”, and I’m thrilled with how they look on the Diamond T.  The fit is perfect, and the price was absolutely unbeatable. 

I had a little internal debate about where and how to mount the rear licence plate, but I think mounting it on the right side on the pretty polished stainless plate bracket from Bob Drake looks fine.  The rear lights and stands are late 30’s Ford pickup parts (also from Drake), and I think the look is perfect.

Up front, the brackets the original Diamond T modified to accept the Chevy bumpers.  The truck had a huge, 12x3x5/8″ aluminum C channel bumper when I got it, but the graceful Chevy bumpers look perfect on it, at least to my eye. 

Next on the list is getting glass cut and a driveshaft made, and I’m about done.  The hood trims still need to be polished, and I’m going to make running board step plate/trim pieces from 1/2″ square aluminum stock to match the hood trims.  It looks pretty damn good, I think.

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