So, you like Diamond T trucks, do you?

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Diamond T truck, Uncategorized, Vintage trucks

At the urging of a guy from Australia, who thought I should start a discussion forum devoted to Diamond T trucks, I did just that today.  Just click on this handy link,,   to the new internet home for those classic, Art Deco masterpieces, Diamond T, The CADILLAC of Trucks! 

Turns out there are ready-made templates for discussion forums, free, ready to roll out, all you have to do is select a topic, fill in the blanks, and presto!, you too can be the host of a discussion forum, and moderate argumentative, opinionated type A personalities, put out flame wars, and get your own hate mail, just like real internet geek types! 

So, check out my latest soiree into the vagaries of the internet, and read all about it.  It’s all Diamond T trucks, ALL THE TIME!!!

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