Posted: January 2, 2012 in GMC truck

You know how there’s never time to things right, but always time to do them over?  That’s me today.  I went out bright and early to take the GMC to the shop and get the plow mount done, but it wouldn’t start.  I first thought it might be out of gas, so I dumped a couple of gallons in the make-shift filler. 

Still no start.

Dumped some in the carb, it started fine that way, but wouldn’t keep running so I guessed that the line must have water in due to the leaky tank, and cobbled up filler. 

So, out in the cold and snow I pulled the tank (which turned out to leak at the seam anyway)  and was surprised that it was half full of a slurry of what looks like 2/3 gas and 1/3 water.  Evidently driving it in to pick up the plow got a LOT of water in the tank, and it sloshed around and made a sort of emulsion.  No wonder it wouldn’t start on that stuff. 

A new tank will be here tomorrow, and the folks at Go-Go Auto Parts have the correct filler neck assembly for it, so I’ll pick that up as well and put it back together.  It’s pretty easy, even in the driveway in the snow, so I should have it fixed RIGHT, and I can get the plow mounted next week.  The new motor for the plow should be here tomorrow as well, so we’ll see if the thing will actually work.

Of course if I’d have gotten a NEW tank to begin with, and done the filler properly, instead of a make-shift, “I’ll fix this later” deal, I wouldn’t have a dead truck in the driveway in January, but, that’s how I roll.

  1. Kim says:

    Still waiting for the “live and learn” thing to kick in with you! The phrase “like father, like son” also comes to mind!

    • Ray Coleman says:

      Don’t be hard on yourself Brian, it’s sooooooo easy to take that route…..we’ve all done it…and amazingly, will again!

      At least the snow isn’t deep yet!

  2. paul mcclain says:

    Reminds me of a famous quote, “ya can pay me now…or ya can pay me later.”

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