I’m Tanked.

Posted: January 4, 2012 in GMC truck

Today was the coldest day of the season so far, and what was I doing?  I was laying on my back in the driveway under an old truck, putting in the gas tank I SHOULD have put in it while it was still inside, before the box went on, while it was still warm.   I was going to wait a couple of days (it’s supposed to be in the ’40’s this weekend), but I wanted to get it back together, so I got out, and got under.

It wasn’t bad, at least it was sunny and not windy, although it was only 20 degrees.  The tank went back in easily, and the new filler neck will ensure that it doesn’t get filled with water.   I also picked up the new hood from FedEx Freight, I still can’t believe it was only $200 WITH shipping.  The plow pump motor came today, and I bought some 3x4x1/4, and some 2x2x1/4 angle iron to adapt the plow to the GMC frame.  Mounting it should be easy, hopefully the pump and cylinders will be OK.  Next weekend, I’ll be plowing!


1/9/2012.  Update:  Did I say I’d be plowing this weekend?  Again, I’m overestimating how slow I’ve become.  Spent two days on the plow mount, and it’s on, but only tacked together, still needs to come off for final welding, and the plow motor still isn’t on.  Maybe we’ll be plowing next winter…

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