It’s ALIVE!!!!

Posted: January 13, 2012 in GMC truck

Well, I plowed my drive this morning!  If I add it all up, it cost roughly $1500 to plow the drive so far this winter.  And, if add the $39.95 for the new rebuild kit (o-rings and seals) for the pump that I just ordered, after (apparently) blowing an O-ring in the lift cylinder valve, it’ll be $1539.95.  If I count plowing Dad’s drive, that cuts it in half, so that’s less than $800.00 per driveway!  Yeah!  Hopefully, it’ll get cheaper as we go…

Now that this thing finally is useable, I hope to start in again on the Diamond T, and get going on the Tini-Home trailer.  I’ve sure burned up a lot of project time, and money, on this thing.  I’d have to say it was fun though!

Addendum:  I also ordered a set of dually tire chains, which will ONLY be used off-road, during plowing ;-).  That, and the half ton of tube sand ought to make it almost useable!  I will say the tractor lights I installed work well, and are BRIGHT!

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