$1.7 M found in old trailer!

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Tin Can Tourists, Uncategorized, Vintage trailers

Well, not really.   That actually came from a headline on my MSN page, which announced that 1.7M was found in Jamie Olivers restaurant.  I didn’t read the story, so I don’t  have any of the details.   The only thing found in this was a nice double-bitted axe, and three bars of Irish Spring soap, no doubt left in a (futile) attempt to keep rodents out. 

I DID however, find that I’d laid the three cross stringers on the roof out wrong, and the roof panels are 1/2″ out of square.  Luckily, they were screwed AND glued to the sides, so there’s no taking them, nor the two full sheets of paneling also glued and screwed down off.  That means the three ceiling pieces of the interior will all have to be cut to fit, with no square corners.  This will challenge my abilities, but, that’s what trim is for, right?

All the wiring is DONE, 110V and 12V, so now, I can get the insulation fit and glued in, the outer skin, seen here temporarily fitted on the sides to cut the window and door openings out, permanently on.  It’s been fun, and I haven’t committed too many of my usual construction goofs, other than the slightly out of square roof panels.   That little error will make fitting the interior panels on the ceiling a little tricky, but I think I’ve got that figured out.

Here are a couple more pic’s:

Next up, trim the exterior roof panels, fit the side luan, cut the window/door openings, glue in the insulation, screw/glue the luan back on the exterior, and then get busy on the interior cabinets and flooring.  Easy, right?

One thing I did discover, on hanging the exterior panels, was that I’d completely neglected to consider that when I decided it’d be a stronger construction to NOT have the exterior panels cut the same as the interior, thus “staggering” the joints, I’d not considered that I had allowed no batten at the joint.  So, another batten, another row of screws inside, and another cut in the insulation board.  No big deal, just a reminder that if I HAD a plan, it’d be easier.  Maybe Tini-Home number two will be, if I build another one…

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

  1. Ray Coleman says:

    You, Brian, are one ENERGETIC Dude !!………..as much as I enjoy your posts..I end up feeling sooooo guilty for moving at such a snail’s pace………..:))


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