Area man survives a month without food in vintage trailer.

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

“I guess I sort of lost track of time”, said Brian McCool of Milo, when he was found in his shop today.  He had reportedly gone out to the shop several weeks ago to work on this 1953 “Tini-Home” 12′ camper, and got so involved in the project that he didn’t leave the shop.  He thinks it was around the middle of January when he went out to work on the camper.

“I did get a little hungry sometimes”, said McCool, “but then I’d get busy again, and I just forgot about eating.” 

He did have a case of “Two Buck Chuck” wine with him when he started the project, which he said he ran out of at least a week ago.  After that, he survived on melted snow,  ate a couple of bars of “Irish Spring” soap left in the trailer by a previous owner, and some doggie treats he’d had in his pocket for training a new family puppy.

“Irish Spring’s not bad, once you get used to it”, he says.  “My wife did call a few times to see if I was coming in for something to eat, but then I guess the phone went dead too, so she didn’t bother me much after that.  I really got a lot done.”

What drove him to finally come back into the house was the fact the batteries went dead in his camera.

“I’ve been trying to keep a photo journal, and my blog updated, but the camera went dead.”  He did have a memory stick nearly filled with photos, some of which are published below. 

“I’m about out of propane for the heater anyway”, said McCool, “so I pretty much had to come back in.  I’ll charge up the camera, my phone, maybe have some pizza while I post some pictures on Facebook, and then it’s back out to the shop.”

His wife had no comment.























  1. Karin says:

    it’s looking great Brian!!!

  2. Scotty Gosson says:

    Brian: This is maybe the best blog entry I’ve ever read. You deserve the Pulitzer for this one!

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