In the Pink!

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

Today when I arrived at work, the night charge nurse (Erin), said, “Brian, you’re not supposed to be here today!” 

Sure enough, I am supposed to work tomorrow and Wed., it seems SOMEBODY here (Kim?) copied my schedule wrong.  Not like I haven’t done that before on a Monday that I didn’t have to work…

So, I left before they found something for me to do, came home and went to work on the trailer.  I got the rear panl in, and temporarily mounted the rear window, so all the exterior panels are now on, and all the (new) windows are in.  It looks  like a camper now!

I turned my attention to the front end next.  The front window opening needed to be cut out,  I carefully marked the opening and cut it out with a sabre saw.  Much better results than at the rear, where I have a little “oops” to correct before the skin goes on!  The window fits the curve of the front of the trailer perfectly, a result of my slight “reshaping” of the front of the body, so that’s a relief. 

Next up, fitting the insulation into the ceiling battens.  No problems, I scored the backsides of the panels, leaving the plastic film on the pink foam board, and they all snapped into place perfectly.  I did glue the ceiling ones in place (the front and rear are simply forced in between the battens) to ensure they don’t come done before I get the ceiling on. 

I’m ordering some fender-welt to trim the wall/ceiling joint, in yellow, as original.  We’re using Excelon vinyl floor in a brick-red,  and yellow countertops, so that’ll look nice. 

It was a beautiful, warm sunny day here, so I was happy to NOT have had to be at work!

  1. Ray Coleman says:

    You make all this seem so easy…………….


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