Every time a bell rings, an old trailer gets it’s wheel-wells replaced.

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers
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Yes, it’s a wonderful life.  Cold and snowy, but I’m getting the little things out-of-the-way.   One of those little things was replacing the original, rotted out wheel wells in the Tini-Home.  This had to be done before the flooring goes in, and the cabinetry can be built, so yesterday was a good day to do that.  Too cold in the shop to glue the floor down, so I had at it.

The new wheel-houses are a pair of  14″ wide aluminum trailer fenders I’d found at Bontragers RV Surplus (my new favorite place to shop), and some of the trailers original skin for the sides.  They fit perfectly, and aside from a couple of  hammer marks from encouraging them to nestle into place, look perfect.  The originals were rusted beyond repair, this was an easy and cheap way to get the  job done.








You’ll notice also the new underlayment, 1/4″ Luan.  It’s always tempting for me to just sand that stuff and lay down about 6 coats of Polyurethane (I think it’s pretty), but we have two boxes of Armstrong vinyl floor tiles in a brick-red color to lay down.  I’ll wait now for a little warmer day, fire up the heater in the shop, turn on the little electric heater in the camper, and lay the tile down.

We’re debating now whether to mount the little A/C unit up on the side in a cabinet as we originally planned (and I have wired), or put it under the table in front on the floor.  The body would then (mostly) outside on the tongue, but since the tongue has been extended about 3 feet, that wouldn’t be bad.  It would certainly be easier to build in, and it could be hidden in the planned storage box.  We’ll see.

I also finished up the framing around the front and rear windows, got the last little pieces of foam cut and fitted around them, so the interior is ready for cabinets as soon as the floor goes in. 

Now we really COULD roll out sleeping bags and go camping in it!

  1. Baron LeBlanc says:

    I suggest get the A/C as far away from sleeping area as possible(noise,vibration). Although in that small of a trailer, it probably doesn’t matter much! Lookin’ good. After seeing all the work you’re getting done, I’m anxious to get my pole barn up this year and get started on our 1957 Playette resto.

    • Dean Smith says:

      I suggest putting the a/c right below the bed. That’s a lot less expensive than those pesky machines and you don’t have to remember to bring quarters.

  2. flynbrian48 says:

    I thought about that too Baron, and the idea of putting it under the table seemed good for that reason, and the fact that in the spot we currently have slated, it’ll blow right on our feet in bed! We’ll see where it ends up, but I kind of like the idea of having it as far from the bed as possible. Even if it is only 10 feet away…

  3. Karin says:

    I vote for the A/C under the table – less visible and nice and sturdy sitting on the tongue 🙂

  4. Dean Smith says:

    I hate it when Dean forgets his quarters!!!!

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