Almost ready to go “Glamping”!

Posted: April 25, 2012 in camping, Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

We’re getting close!  Kim got the dinette cushions done last night, and Ari gave them her seal of approval.  She hopped right on them and made herself at home.  Hopefully, she’ll like camping as well as she likes just setting on the cushions!  They look great, and having them done inspired me to get busy and get some things done.

I’d gotten three coats of varnish on the interior, but when we went over to the shop so Kim could see it, we saw a couple of big runs in the varnish, and the ceiling had some dull spots.  Probably the second coat didn’t get evenly sanded.  So, today I sanded the whole thing again, and laid a thin coat of polyurethane on.  This time, no runs, no drips, no errors, it looks very nice.








The A/C unit is also permanently installed, the roof vent and exhaust vent’s are painted and installed.  I decided that the A/C was mounted at too much of an angle (they have to slope a little rearward in order for condensate water to drain),  so I trimmed the front of the mount a little and re-installed it.  I think it’s OK now.  I also modified the interior trim a little,  and trimmed the shelf it sets on a little in order to trim the front with counter-top edging.  I think it looks good…







I had hoped to get the cargo door trims painted black to match the window trim, but didn’t get to that.  I did however get the water tank mounted, and the line run to the sink.  Well, OK, to the cabinet where the sink WILL be, once I cut a hole in the counter-top and mount it.  I also got the fridge in, and did you notice the counter-top and aluminum edge trim?  It’s very pretty, I like the soft yellow color in contrast with the red floor, upholstery and piping.  

On the “To do” list yet are a pair of new tires, clean and pack the wheel bearings, run the wiring to the tailights and brakes, make the tongue cover and plumb the propane line to the stove.  I THINK that’s about it.


Meanwhile, here are pictures of Kim and I, relaxing and admiring our work.  It’s come a long, long way!

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