Manor #3. There’s no such thing as a free trailer…

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Tin Can Tourists, Vintage trailers

I got a call from the guy we’re getting this ’47 Manor from to discuss pick up arrangements.  It’s on their property in northern Michigan, where his grandparents parked it next to a creek in the late ’50’s.  They use it now as a garden shed, and wanted it gone to build a proper storage building.  Lucky us, they’d rather give it away than sell it for scrap, which was the original plan.   In the way things usually go for me, I’d given the original axle, springs, and 16″ aluminum wheels and nearly new 10 ply tires that came off our ’47 Manor to a friend for his.  Happily, he’s going to let me “borrow” them back so I can put the wheels and tires on this to get it home. 

Now that I have the GMC dialed in, we can cash in our 401 to fill the tank and drive up to get the trailer home.  It’ll be good inspiration to get the truck painted and looking good for the trip, I  don’t want to have the whole rig look like it’s headed for the scrapper for the trip!

Once it’s home, the question is, what to do with it?  I won’t start right away, as I have to get the Diamond T finished, and I want to get my ’59 T’Bird convertible custom (it’s been pushed to the back burner for too long)  finished and turn it into money.  The trailer can set while those things get done, and the plan has time to “ferment”. 

We’ve got the “vintage” look in the ’46 and the ’53 Tini-Home, so that’s been done.  Maybe a more contemporary interior, sort of like the new Airstreams?  Modern Art Deco? Diner chic?  It’s got to have the front “Observation Lounge”, center galley, rear bedroom, and a water closet, shower optional as we haven’t missed that in the other two Spartans.  It’ll have to “marketable”, as it, or the ’46 will probably be sold at some point, so it can’t be too outlandish or suited only for us (like my ’36 Roadster that only I fit behind the wheel in). 

So, any ideas?  If only I knew a couple of highly regarded artist/designer/vintage trailer restorers to tap for inspiration (David and Craig, you know I’m going to shamelessly steal your ideas, so chime in!) for the interior look. 

Stay tuned for details of the road trip to get it home, and what happens after it gets here.  It should be a fun project, I can hardly wait!



  1. I saw a photo of a 1949 Vagabond that was done up in the shiniest clearest red. I pinned a copy of the photo on Pinterest @ I was picturing the beautiful bench cushions your wife made in the red 1949 Vagabond along with your gorgeous wood work. I can’t wait to see what you do with this when the time comes.

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